Breastfeeding and the Hoodia parviflora Snack Less products

Q: I have an 8 month old baby and am breastfeeding. I wanted to know if I can do the Snack Less chewing gum?

A: While we know many new mothers are eager to embark on losing weight and getting back into shape, it is not suggested to start any diet pill, including the Hoodia parviflora diet, while breastfeeding. While there are no real scientific studies to specifically explain why Hoodia is not recommended, there are some reasons which make it a concern while breastfeeding. As we know Hoodia has been shown to suppress one’s appetite, and there is the chance that while breast feeding its effect can be passed through the mother’s milk. Thus this might inhibit the baby’s own hunger, which can be detrimental to its nutritional intake. In addition, a breastfeeding mother has increased caloric needs so that are body can produce milk. In fact she needs about 300 extra calories a day above her normal intake to adequately meet her needs and milk supply. The Hoodia parviflora Diet works to inhibit caloric intake by suppressing the appetite, so this may interfere in the quantity and quality of the breast milk. In fact it would be wise for a breastfeeding mother to instead work on a balanced diet, lower in simple sugars and high fat foods, and be certain to keep hydrated with 6-8 glasses of water a day. Adding in exercise, such as vigorous walking for thirty minutes, three times a week would also be a great addition to getting back in shape and loosing weight when still breastfeeding your baby.