Can I take two Ice Cubes a day?

Q: Recently a woman at my local supermarket was spotlighting your product and I decided to break down and try it. She gave me a sample cube in the store and I tried one in the late afternoon of the next day. I have noticed that it shuts off hunger cravings pretty quickly although it didn’t last as long as I had hoped. To control my hunger I was thinking I might need to eat at least two, maybe three a day, or if I got “the munchies” in late evening. So the first question is: How many times a day can you take your

A: We are so glad you gave the Ice Cube Diet a try and have been finding it helpful in enhancing your weight loss. We are happy to respond to your questions and help guide you to continued success.

  • Your first question was about how many ice cubes can you take in a day to control your hunger? We recommend taking one ice cube a day, containing 3000 mg of Hoodia, however, we have found some people feel they are more successful taking more than one a day on occasion. We ran a trial in which we had people take 2 day for the first 10 days to jump start the process and found that it works only slightly better. While you can safely take an additional one as needed we suggest instead focusing on additional strategies to help you to curb your appetite and help aid in your weight loss.
  • To be most successful with the Ice Cube Diet I would recommend the following:
    Prior to taking the Ice Cube consider what time of day you normally find your self hungriest. Some people find that if they are night eaters they are better taking the Ice Cube later in the afternoon to feel it is most potent in the evening hours. Others find that first thing in the morning is best as they find they are often faced with more food options during the day. Take a look at your own habits and find the time that works best for you.
  • Hunger is often a result of being thirsty, not truly in need of food. Be sure you take in six to eight glasses of fluid a day, each 8 ounces, and try to limit those that are sugary or caffeinated. Those high in sugar or with caffeine tend to dehydrate the body and leave you thirstier or hungrier.
  • Try to eat every 3 to 4 hours to avoid being over hungry and over eating. It is best to have small frequent meals to ward off hunger and extra large portions.
  • It is important to understand that certain foods increase hunger and other foods that satisfy hunger, based on their effect on your blood sugars. When you choose foods high in protein or fiber they will keep your blood sugars even, sending a message that you are full. Try to incorporate more of these in your diet. Include foods high in fiber like: berries, whole grain breads/cereals, spinach or those high in protein like: eggs, turkey, yogurt, low fat cheese and nuts.
  • Limit snacks of carbohydrates as they stimulate blood sugar and make you hungrier by telling your brain to crave more food. So when getting the “munchies” try to portion these foods or pair with a protein. You might try crackers with cheese, cereal with milk, peanuts and pretzels, etc.

Give these a try and you will see that curbing your appetite with the Ice Cube Diet and better food choices will allow you to reach your new goals with ease. It is about creating habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

We look forward to having you as another advocate for our program! We believe in it and we believe in you!