Questions & Answers

Children and Dieting

Age: 11 Gender: Female I only need to lose 10 pounds! I am on the go, in need something quick! I am for most of the part active. I NEED easy meals. ANSWER: At age 11, your body is constantly going through so many changes. Try to get in daily exercise like sports, interactive video …read more >>

I have sugar cravings

Age: 60 Gender: Female I’m having a hard time losing weight, is there at way to kill this sugar cravings I’m always having? i injured my back, so there’s not many exercises I can do. I started back walking after 6 months of not walking. I am having problem sticking to eating regimen. ANSWER: Injuries …read more >>

High blood pressure pills

Age: 57 Gender: Female Question: I am on high blood pressure pills and zoloft…I have tried other so-called herbal products for appetite suppressant and It messes with my psyche.I am wondering if this would do the same thing? Answer: As with any medical condition, you should speak to your physician and pharmacist about any possible …read more >>

I want to lose belly fat

Age: 15 Gender: Female Question: In how many months can you lose your belly fat when you are in a good diet condition and weigh 160 and I am 5feet ‘7’ inches and also workout intensely to lose all your belly fat? Answer: In response to your question, several factors should be considered. A female …read more >>

Benefits of the snack less powered by hoodia parviflora products

Q: Are there other benefits to the Hoodia parviflora (HP)? Does it cause any stomach discomfort? And does it help skin, hair and nails? A: The Hoodiaparviflora has many benefits for your body inside and out! First, the Hoodia parviflora products are helpful as they are all natural and will help your body to feel …read more >>

Dieting while on the go

Q: I am always on the go. Does it matter if take it at 6 am? And if I don’t exercise does the hoodia parviflora still work? A: It is often that we hear that many people are always on the go. You can plan to take the Hoodia any time of day that works …read more >>

Can this product cause soft bowels?

It is very rare but possible. The reason… For some people when they introduce fiberous foods into their system they get initial diarrhea or loose bowels. Hoodia is a plant and thus is fiberous. Perhaps your current diet is not high in fiber so it shocked your system. You can try it again in the …read more >>

High Blood Pressure and the Hoodia parviflora Diet

Q: I take medication for High Blood Pressure. Can I still chew the Hoodia parviflora chewing gum? A: Anyone who is taking any prescription medication or under the care of a doctor for a medical condition, should consult with their physician prior to starting any diet program. This is critical as there may be cases where …read more >>

I have tried so many diets, will this one work?

Q: I am an overweight female who has tried so many diets. I have found that nothing seems to have worked. I am hoping to find something that will help me to lose weight. I have heard about this diet on television and wanted to know if this diet is right for me? Do you …read more >>

Breastfeeding and the Hoodia parviflora Snack Less products

Q: I have an 8 month old baby and am breastfeeding. I wanted to know if I can do the Snack Less chewing gum? A: While we know many new mothers are eager to embark on losing weight and getting back into shape, it is not suggested to start any diet pill, including the Hoodia …read more >>