Children and Dieting

Age: 11
Gender: Female
I only need to lose 10 pounds! I am on the go, in need something quick! I am for most of the part active. I NEED easy meals.

At age 11, your body is constantly going through so many changes. Try to get in daily exercise like sports, interactive video games…Activities you find fun will be easy to stick with and much more enjoyable! Eat lots of healthy, small meals throughout the day….Ones that include a variety of fruits, veggies, fiber rich carbs, lean proteins and stay hydrated with water (it’s super important!) Lots of kids, and adults too, think that eating a lot less, will help them lose weight. It actually hurts your metabolism (what helps determine your weight) and makes your body think that it’s starving. It then holds onto all the fat and looses muscle! Not good. As far as supplements go, a multi vitamin is good for all but weight controlling supplements, even natural ones, I cannot recommend for your age, and should be approved by your parents and doctor.

Remember: Pretty is what you look like…Beauty, is much deeper & who you are.