Desert Labs


Desert Labs Passion

We aim to provide customers with the purest products that best capture nature’s optimum goodness.

Our process embodies a unique integration of high tech advancements with modern agricultural methods and ancient desert ways of life that allow us to bring the best natural product to market. With the knowledge and experience of Doctor Refael Aharon of Biomass Company and Kibbutz Yotvata, well-known for its 50 years of ground-breaking leadership and trusted reliability, we at Desert Labs bring you the world’s most innovative Hoodia product – fresh frozen Hoodia Ice Cubes.

The Hoodia parviflora plant, naturally growing in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, was brought to Kibbutz Yotvata in the Arava valley of the Negev desert region. With almost an identical climate, the Hoodia plant “feels at home” here and grows well.

Desert Labs – combining the wisdom of nature and high-tech innovation

Generations of experienced, expert “desert” agriculturists take part in the cultivation of the Hoodia within the kibbutz’s land. From the reproduction phase through to the final product, the Hoodia plant is supported by a technologically advanced R&D system, supervised by scientists and researchers.

Our manufacturing process preserves all the active ingredients, as closely as possible to the fresh plant, while taking into account the customer’s needs and convenience of use.

Desert Labs Vision:

Help consumers lose weight in a balanced, natural way and achieve an overall feeling of better health and wellness.


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