Diabetes and the Ice Cube Diet

Q: Is is okay for my husband, who has Diabetes, to go on the Ice Cube Diet?

A: It is always recommended that prior to going on any diet or lifestyle change, that a person check with their physician. If you have a pre-existing condition, such as Diabetes, it is important that you discuss your plans with your health care provider to discuss any medical contraindications.

With regard to the Ice Cube Diet, the only active ingredient is Hoodia. Hoodia works to “trick” your brain to think that it has enough blood sugar so that your appetite is suppressed. In reality it does NOT effect your blood sugars but rather sends a similar signal that you are satisfied.

Those with Diabetes must consistently monitor and pay attention to their food intake and their blood sugars for optimal health. It is important that they maintain a healthy diet, eat regularly and lead an active lifestyle. A Diabetic should be certain to discuss any interactions between medications and any diet aids or supplements they are considering prior to using them.

To date there are no studies to indicate that Hoodia has any negative effects on the liver, a primary organ affected by Diabetes. However, as with any other medical condition we suggest speaking in depth with your medical provider to see how to best achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle.