Dieting while on the go

Q: I am always on the go. Does it matter if take it at 6 am? And if I don’t exercise does the hoodia parviflora still work?

A: It is often that we hear that many people are always on the go. You can plan to take the Hoodia any time of day that works for you. Please keep in mind however a few things that will allow you to be most successful with the HP. It is best to take it a few hours prior to your “most hungriest” time of day. For many late afternoon or evening is their hungriest time so taking in later in the day is best. As for the exercise, it always helps to meet success more easily when you are active along with following a healthy diet. If you are unable to add in formal exercise for now just be aware to try to be as active as possible. For example, take the stairs, park far from the mall and walk and just do what you can! Either way following our diet plan and taking the Hp should help you to meet success!