Foods and Supplements that Help You Control Your Appetite

If you want to lose weight and be fit, there is one thing that should always be on your mind: appetite control. People have found various solutions in order to succeed in controlling cravings, ranging from diet pills and shakes to natural appetite suppressants.

However, one of the best solutions is to include foods in your diet that help you to eat less between meals.

Appetite Control Food

Apples are a great option for curbing hunger and keeping you satisfied until your next meal. Why? The answer is simple. Apples contain fibre and they take more time to digest. Beside their great taste, they are also recommended for a healthy and balanced diet. Moreover, this will keep you safe from eating too many calories from processed foods like snacks and chips.

You should also eat vegetables like cabbage, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, green peas, lentils, cauliflower, carrots and peppers because they are filled with iron, vitamins and minerals and they contain very few calories. They are great choices for a healthy diet and they are great as appetite suppressant foods.

Soymilk and tofu are also recommended to maintain your appetite control. Due to the fact that they are rich in fibre and proteins, they play an important role in controlling cravings.

Chocolate is also considered an appetite suppressant food. If you like sweets, you will be happy to know that dark chocolate will help you limit your appetite. However, it is important to apply the concept of portion control.

Water is crucial in a diet. You should drink at least 1.5 litres a day to be well hydrated and for better digestive function. Moreover, a glass of water before any meal will help you lower your appetite.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Many people are not familiar with the connection between whey protein and weight loss.

Studies have shown that it lowers the calorie intake by giving you a feeling of fullness. Moreover, it helps your body to synthesize proteins and improves your immune system.

Besides these benefits, it is also recommended that you participate in some type of physical exercise. It gives you more energy, burns calories and helps you build muscle.

For better appetite control, you should also take two fibre capsules or tablets before meals. They are usually made using a combination of oat bran fibre, phylum husk, apple pectin fibres or similar. However, if you decide to take these natural appetite suppressants, you should drink an adequate quantity of water.

For a better appetite control, you should combine the above-mentioned foods and supplements with physical exercise to maintain a fit body and to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.