Our Hoodia

comp5Hoodia Origins

For thousands of years the Hoodia plant has been eaten by an ancient African tribe, the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, to ward off hunger  during long hunting trips.

How Does Hoodia parviflora Curb Appetite?

Normally when we eat, glucose levels rise. This increase is sensed by the brain’s hypothalamus, which registers the “I’m full” message, so we stop eating, typically about 20 minutes later. Like blood sugar, Hoodia signals the brain that the body feels full and satisfied, but Hoodia works faster to signal the hypothalamus that you’re full. So you’ll eat less.


Why Desert Labs’ Hoodia parviflora?

Desert Labs’ Hoodia is the only Hoodia approved as Food Grade according to FDA procedures. Generlly Recognized As Safe

Desert Labs’ Hoodia preserves the potency of the fresh plant from harvest to manufacturing. It is free of agricultural residues, so our strains of Hoodia are pure and safe. For over 10 years, Desert Labs have been developing and researching Hoodia parviflora in the southern deserts of Israel. Focusing only on pure Hoodia species, parviflora, Desert Labs scientists identified and propagated the type of Hoodia that is most suitable for appetite control. Our process, controlled for quality, from seeds and seedling production, results in a product that is fresh as it is in the field.

From Desert to Shelf

Desert Labs have complete control over the entire supply chain of our unique Hoodia parviflora: we grow it, we cultivate it, and we extract it.

Combining ancient desert traditions with high-tech innovation we make sure you get the best ingredients in your products.

Hoodia Parviflora