Hoodia Origins and why Desert Labs Hoodia,

For thousands of years the Hoodia  plant has been eaten by an ancient African tribe, the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, to ward off hunger and maintain energy during long hunting trips. They shave the spines from the skin of this succulent cactus like plant and consume it fresh.

Desert Labs  is the world’s leading Hoodia parviflora products company. For over a decade Desert Labs has combined advanced agro technical, medicinal, plant research and consumer product development capabilities in its unique food, dietary supplements and diet aids. the only product in the world that delivers the whole food eaten by the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert.


Focusing only on pure Hoodia species, Desert Labs scientists identified and cloned the type of Hoodia that is most suitable for appetite control. Our process, controlled for quality, from seeds and seedling production, results in a product that is fresh as it is in the field.

Dried pills lose their potency because of the heating that is used during the manufacturing process. Desert Labs Hoodia parviflora preserves the potency of the fresh plant from harvest to drying. It is free of agricultural residues. So our strains of Hoodia parvuflora are pure and safe.

Why It works and the active ingredients

For over 10 years Desert Labs have been developing and researching Hoodia in the southern deserts of Israel where Hoodia thrives in a climate almost identical to the Kalahari Desert. We discovered the best way to preserve the active ingredients in Hoodia .

When Hoodia is consumed the active ingredient, P57, is released into the bloodstream. P57 is naturally found in our fresh plants. It is a glycoside 10,000 times more active than blood sugar. Like blood sugar, it signals the brain that the body feels full and satisfied.

Independent authorized laboratory, Alkemist Pharmaceuticals, run three tests on our plants to insure the authenticity and viability our Hoodia including TLC and HPLC.

Today a growing number of nutritional experts are integrating Hoodia into weight-loss regimes. Desert Labs Hoodia is simply the most potent form of natural fresh Hoodia!

Two preliminary studies in humans indicate that Hoodia parviflora decreases the perception of hunger and induces moderate whight loss.