I have sugar cravings

Age: 60
Gender: Female
I’m having a hard time losing weight, is there at way to kill this sugar cravings I’m always having? i injured my back, so there’s not many exercises I can do. I started back walking after 6 months of not walking. I am having problem sticking to eating regimen.

Injuries that cause immobility can definitely affect our weight and our cravings. Boredom, frustration and a variety of other emotions are very common causes of over-eating and ultimately… weight gain. Food can affect us just like other any other addiction. Sometimes it can be even harder to conquer because we must continue to eat, whereas other substances can be permanently eliminated from one’s life. A sweet tooth is hard but not impossible to overcome.

First is your mind-set; it can accomplish amazing things… Second, commit to your program which should include a healthy portion controlled diet and regular exercise. Walking is great for you! Start at a reasonable pace and increase the challenge as you feel better. The hoodia parviflora gum is a wonderful addition to this regimen;  So, not only does it help control cravings… it has specifically helped with the “sweet tooth” kind!

Be patient with yourself. Good luck and feel better!