I have tried so many diets, will this one work?

Q: I am an overweight female who has tried so many diets. I have found that nothing seems to have worked. I am hoping to find something that will help me to lose weight. I have heard about this diet on television and wanted to know if this diet is right for me? Do you think it will work?

A: We know it can be frustrating to have tried so many diets and not found success with losing weight or keeping it off. For so many people one of the biggest challenges is limiting caloric intake and portion control. The Ice Cube Diet was created with this in mind, as it serves to do just that: help limit intake and give you control. The ice Cube Diet is made up of Hoodia which works to suppress your appetite. When Hoodia is consumed the active ingredient, P57, is released into the bloodstream. The P57 mimics the effects of blood sugar and signals the brain that the body feels full and satisfied, allowing you to eat less and feel in control. The Ice Cube Diet will enable you to feel less hungry, with just one cube a day, and allow you to make better food decisions and learn to include healthier foods in your diet. As you take in less calories, you will find your stomach will also shrink and you will be more content with smaller portions of even your favorite foods. We do recommend that you review your hungriest time of day to determine when is best to take your ice cube. Also take a look at what your diet is made up of and start to incorporate more whole grains, lean proteins and unsaturated fats. The combination of the Hoodia and a sensible diet should allow you to finally find success and continued weight loss and weight management.