I want to lose belly fat

Age: 15
Gender: Female
Question: In how many months can you lose your belly fat when you are in a good diet condition and weigh 160 and I am 5feet ‘7’ inches and also workout intensely to lose all your belly fat?

In response to your question, several factors should be considered. A female of 5’7” tall, depending on the body frame build, should weigh anywhere between 123-163 lbs. Your youthful age is a definite plus, in addition to your enthusiasm & drive. If you follow a healthy, portioned controlled diet, eating several small meals through-out the day, in order to create a properly functioning metabolism… while including high lean proteins, colorful fruits & veggies, complex carbs and plenty of water for hydration… and regular exercise…There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to reach a successful goal weight.

Consider alternating your cardio and weight training routines, as well as your food choices. Our bodies get used to the “same” and that is when people hit plateaus. Make sure to reboot your system after exercise. I like a yummy protein enriched smoothie. This will feed your muscles, helping them tone up quicker, as it satisfies your hunger. A variety of recipes can even help lose belly fat. A great addition to your program is the Hoodia parviflora  Diet. It can support weight loss by cutting the cravings that sabotage diet efforts while creating a natural energy and metabolism boost!

Do it right and healthy and results will show.