Snack Less – Hoodia Gum

Snacking Too Much? 
Most of us eat as much as 600 calories per day – roughly a third of our food – in snacks rather than meals. We snack in every place and time imaginable. Snacking has become wired in our brains that we hardly pay attention to when or why we snack. Temptation is everywhere, because food is all around us. If we are not snacking or eating, there’s a good chance that we would be watching a food commercial or show. If you are not blessed with fiery metabolism, you stand a very small chance to win the battle against food.  The world of diet is saturated with products and promises that are hard to sell and harder to live by.
Let’s start with simple things…  What will happen if you cut down on snacks?
We have a simple and achievable goal. Helping you SNACK LESS!

Snack Less – chwing gum     שלושת טעמי מסטיק

  • Mint
  • Cinnamon
  • Strawberry


Snack Less – Nutrition Bar

Tasty healthy snack that make you feel full while helping you snack less. Made of 100% natural fruit, nuts and seeds, cholesterol free and low fat. Rich source of  minerals, protein, dietary fiber vitamin B1, B2, B3 B5, A, C.  All natural, Gluten free, No sugar added, 200mg hoodia

  • Dates  Hazelnuts Hoodia parviflora Bar
  • Dates Coconut Walnuts Hoodia parviflora Bar
  • Dates Peanuts Hoodia parviflora Bar
  • Dates Cranberries Cashew Hoodia parviflora Bar


Snack less Hoodia parviflora herbal Tea


  • SNACK LESS herbal tea is a proprietary green tea mix infused with our Hoodia parviflora to help you KEEP HYDRATED and SNACK LESS
  • All Natural    Zero Calorie



Hoodia Parviflora Powder

  • The only GRAS Hoodia