The best time to take the ice cube diet

Q: When is the best time to take the ice cube diet? Before or after meals? Or any time?

A: The Ice Cube Diet is best taken before your meal to help control your appetite. It is best to first think about your typical meal and snack patterns and determine when you are often most hungry. If you are typically a day time grazer, it would be best to take the Ice Cube Diet first thing in the morning. However, if you tend to eat later in the day or evening, try taking it late afternoon to suppress your appetite throughout the evening. Most people find the most success when they take the Ice Cube Diet around the same time each day, and over time they find their appetite and cravings to diminish, leading to greater success. We recommend that for most people one cube a day should be sufficient, however once in a while some people feel the need for a second cube. Also keep in mind pairing with a healthy balanced diet will further enhance your ability to satisfy your cravings while eating less.