The Effects of an Unhealthy Diet on Skin

Radiant skin is the expression of healthy dieting habits and lifestyle. Eating properly and getting enough minerals, vitamins, fiber and other nutrients is correlated to being healthy and looking great.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet

Eating unhealthy affects the way you feel, your ability to work and concentrate. You can feel dizzy and experience constant headaches. It also affects the way you look, unhappy and tired all the time.

A diet low on vitamin C will lead to scurvy, while if your body does not receive enough vitamin D, you might suffer from rickets. Vitamin A protects your skin from the effects of aging and free radicals, so it is also essential for your well-being. Lack of iron leads to anemia, and lack of calcium leads to frail bones. If you do not receive enough potassium, you might have an irregular heartbeat.

Healthy dieting habits mean controlling cravings, eating healthy foods and physical exercises. However, you still have to eat nutritious meals in order to feel and look healthy and lose weight.

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What to Eat for Beautiful Skin

The vitamins and minerals our body receives from food also maintain skin that is radiant, young looking and healthy. A poor diet will lead to the apparition of wrinkles earlier and your skin will suffer from premature aging. This is also the case if we are constantly stressed and under a lot of pressure. Moreover, if you do not include fresh fruits and vegetables in your healthy dieting habits, your skin will look dull. The lack of copper, folic acid, calcium and niacin will compromise your skin tone.

Brewer’s yeast is a good way to avoid discoloration and a feeling of dry skin. It is also recommended for preventing and curing dermatitis. Oranges and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin A that cures blemishes and dry skin.

If you want to maintain your skin’s beauty, drink plenty of water to keep it hydrated. Furthermore, your healthy dieting habits should include organic products and seeds and such foods as whole grains, ocean fish, a wide range of nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, and extra virgin oil is recommended for salads.