Will it help me to lose my tummy fat?

Q: I am not overweight but it seems that most of my weight is in my stomach. I feel my clothes do not fit right. Is this diet right for me? Will it help me to lose weight in my stomach?

A: Yes the Ice Cube Diet can work well to get you on your way to feel better about your weight and body. First, the Ice Cubes will suppress your appetite, coming in handy to help you to find yourself more satisfied with less food, making you feel more in control when making food choices and decreasing portion sizes. When it comes to actually working to get rid of belly fat” there are a few diet changes you can make that will result in a flatter stomach. First you need to understand that belly fat tends to come from too much sugar that does not get broken down and turns into fat. If you start to work on a diet that is lower in simples sugars, such as white bread, rice, cookies and opt for complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal, whole grain bread, sweet potatoes, you will find that there is less belly fat. Also by adding in more protein, such as low fat cheese, nuts and chicken, you will be more satisfied and store less fat as well. Additionally studies have shown that cortisol builds up in many females as a result of stress and adds to belly fat. It has been shown that foods high in the omega fatty acids break down this chemical and allow for a flatter stomach. For this you might want to add in salmon, nuts and olive oils. Lastly, exercise is always a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and can be used to target certain body parts. So yes, use the Ice Cube Diet so that you can choose more balanced foods, eat smaller portions and in no time at all you will find yourself reaching your new goals.